• Are you looking to save money on lighting? If you need commercial lighting solutions for your factory, warehouse, gym, or other space, there is one lighting type that might be the perfect way to get o
    2017-05-25  |   More >
  • In the old days, people didn’t have the option of choosing between regular light bulbs and LED ones, nevermind LED floodlights. Back then, people were more concerned about how to keep the wax from the
    2017-03-28  |   More >
  • Looking to illuminate the interior of your home, office, or business building? ATG Electronics has a wide selection of LED interior lights ​that fit any and all needs you may have regarding indoor lig
    2017-03-20  |   More >
  • You’ve likely heard that LED lights come with a number of advantages for both the environment and your wallet, but you probably still have some questions about them. Many people swear by LED lights, s
    2017-03-11  |   More >
  • Living in a world powered by electricity, it’s important that we learn how use that electricity correctly. In order for us to use electricity correctly, we need to be smart about how we use it.
    2017-04-25  |   More >
  • Forget halogens and CFLs (compact fluorescents): LEDs are the most sustainable alternative to incandescent lighting.
    2017-04-12  |   More >
  • At ATG Electronics, we’re known for our variety of LED lights. Indoor LED lights, outdoor LED lights, and industry LED lights – you name it.
    2017-04-04  |   More >
  • You don't have to be Buddy the Elf to make your commercial space shine this holiday season. With some well placed LED lights and a little bit of creative effort you can turn your retail location into
    2016-12-21  |   More >
  • Commercial lighting is done for a number of reasons. It often is needed to highlight events, businesses, sometimes homes, and more, so it certainly gets a lot of use.
    2016-12-15  |   More >
  • In today's retail world, LED lighting is key. Replacing interior and exterior lights with a form of LED bulb helps businesses save money on electricity and replacement costs.
    2016-12-10  |   More >
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