A Look Into ATG’s Move To A New Headquarters And Warehouse

A Look Into ATG’s Move To A New Headquarters And Warehouse

With the start of a new year on the horizon, ATG Electronics is busy packing its things and getting ready to move to a new building for its warehouse and office spaces. For the company, Nicole Crocker, Office Manager and HR Administrative Assistant, has been an integral staff member overseeing the move. Earlier this week, Nicole took some time to talk about ATG Electronics’ upcoming move.

What is your main role overseeing the move of ATG Electronics’ headquarters and warehouse?

My main role is to take care of everything that makes the office function. I am coordinating the implementation of a new phone, internet, and security system. I am also in charge of the logistics of the move for the office and organizing departments once in the new building. Another role I have taken on is to work with the new owners of this building to coordinate their move.

Why do you feel this move is necessary?

We do not have enough room in our warehouse to support inventory levels to match our sales. Inventory is delayed when arriving at the warehouse, which delays shipping products for sales. With more floor space in the new warehouse, we should not have any issues with available inventory, which will increase ATG Electronics’ sales.

What are the challenges in planning the logistics for an office or warehouse of this size?

The main challenge is coordinating with the different companies that we need services from to assist in the move. The timing of the services becomes difficult while waiting for the old tenants to move out allowing us to begin making improvements and getting out of the old building allowing the new owners to start their improvements. The coordination with the phone company, the security company, and moving company has been a logistics challenge.


So far, how long have you been working on the planning and scheduling for the upcoming move?

ATG Electronics purchased the building in June, I believe. I started working on gearing up for the move in September. In total, it has been four months so far.

What skills have you gained from overseeing the moving process for ATG Electronics?

There are a lot of small details that people do not include during the process of moving a company. I am usually pretty thorough and ask a lot of questions, but when dealing with different vendors, I have had to enhance my communication and coordination skills. 

What are you most looking forward to once the move is complete?

The opportunity for ATG Electronics to grow even further and to be better organized since we will now have the space to do so!

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