Benefits of LED Lighting for Retail Locations

Benefits of LED Lighting for Retail Locations

In today's retail world, LED lighting is key. Replacing interior and exterior lights with a form of LED bulb helps businesses save money on electricity and replacement costs. There is a lot to know about what this form of lighting is capable of, and here you can find a few ways to best take advantage of LEDs as a resource. 

Store lighting has come a long way in the past few decades and you are unlikely to see a traditional incandescent bulb lighting any modern store. Currently retailers are using one of two lighting methods: Fluorescent or LED. These types of lighting are classified as energy efficient by the U.S. government and are longer lasting than incandescent. Fluorescent lights are slightly more affordable than LEDs, but not nearly as versatile and long-lasting. Fluorescents can be harsh and unwelcoming, as well as less efficient. Typically retail stores will use a variety of LED lights, in different shapes and sizes. 

First you will need to decide what your main form of overhead lighting will be. For grocery stores, gas stations, and offices recessed panel or pendant panel lights are your best bet. These types of lights are great for general lighting and can evenly light a large areas. Recessed panel lights go inside the ceiling and appear as flat ceiling lights. Pendant panel lights are also flat lights but they hang down from the ceiling on wires. These are the most common types of lights in warehouses or big box stores. If you require general lighting for a boutique or high end jewelry store you may want to use a less harsh form of LED lighting such as recessed cans or track lighting. Recessed cans are placed inside the ceiling but are much smaller and more fashionable than recessed panel lights. Track lights are several directional lights together on a track that is mounted to the ceiling. Track lights are very popular in museums and art galleries. 

Next, you will want to decide where task lighting is needed. Task lighting is used to illuminate areas in the store where extra light will be needed to get tasks done. Some places that will need extra lighting are the checkout area, store entrance, and dressing rooms. Having these areas properly lit will help customers maneuver the store, and employees to get work done quickly. In any type of store, you can use a row of additional recessed can lights or track lights for most of these areas. Recessed can lights, however, are more popular for task lighting because they evenly distribute light, and don't direct customer's attention to the fixtures. 

Finally it's time to add accent lighting to areas of the store that should be highlighted. Some areas that often need accent lighting are items on shelves, expensive products, and corners of the store. Track lights are great for putting spotlight effects on specific products, and their direction can be adjusted as items are rearranged. Often stores will angle track lights towards each row of clothing or case of products. You may also want to add decorative accent lighting such as a chandelier centerpiece, or set of lamps. Strips of LEDs are great for lining shelves to evenly illuminate smaller products. They are commonly used in jewelry display cases and high up displays. Accent lighting is important for drawing customers' attention to certain products, or areas of the store. Adding a dimmer function to your accent lighting is also important. Dimmer lights are great for making a store appear high end, and more relaxed. They can also prevent your accent lights from overpowering your overhead lights, which would reverse their purpose completely. 

Be sure to read up on all the lighting options your store has and to pick the look that reflects the atmosphere you think your store should have. Using a combination of LED lighting options can help keep your lighting cost efficient and attractive! 

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