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When deciding on the type of lights to use for your auto shop or workshop, you want to consider the cost, energy efficiency, and how the light will affect your employees. Auto shop and workshop owners might be tempted to buy incandescent lights or CFLs because they are less expensive. However, the extra money you spend if you choose to buy LED lights will be paid back to you in lower electricity bills and more productive work by your employees. 

How Much Energy and Money Does LED Lighting Save?

LED lights for auto shops can greatly reduce energy consumption and costs for your business. explains that LEDs last 25 times longer and use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. 

LEDs save so much energy because they emit very little heat. In contrast, 90% of the energy used in incandescent lights are released as heat rather than light. Furthermore, the Simple Dollar reveals that the approximate lifespan for an LED light bulb is 25,000 hours, while the average lifespan of an incandescent light is only 1,200 hours. 

While one LED light bulb costs about $8, you would need to buy 21 incandescent light bulbs—which would cost about $21 dollars— for the same about of usage. 

In addition, at the price of $0.12 per kilowatt-hour over a 25,000-hour period, you would spend $180 in electricity for an incandescent bulb, but only $30 for a LED. In 25,000 hours of electricity used, the total cost for an incandescent bulb—including the price for the bulb and electricity—would be $201, while the total cost for using an LED bulb would only be $38. 

This price comparison only accounts for one lightbulb. Imagine how much money you could save if you replaced all the lightbulbs in your shop with LEDs.

How Does LED Lighting Help My Employees?

Low-quality lighting can make your employees have low energy which causes workers to create lower-quality work and take longer to finish their projects. In contrast, the high-quality lighting of LEDs creates reliable lighting which allows you and your employees to finish the job faster and at a higher quality.

Also, with better lighting, workers are less likely to be injured. LED shop lighting makes your workers feel more energized and allows your workers to accurately see their work. Alertness and being able to accurately see their work makes workers less likely to injure themselves while working. Your employees’ alertness will result in less on the job injuries and fewer sick days. 

Also, it will save your company money because your workers’ compensation insurance rates will not increase. Furthermore, LED shop lighting shows your workers that you care about their safety and the quality of their work.

Although the cost of LED lights is more expensive than incandescent lights, the amount of money you will save through electricity and increased profits will cause you to save more money in the long run. Investing in LED lights from ATG Electronics will allow you to save money and show your workers you care about them.

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