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We hope you've done your homework when it comes to finding proper lighting for hospitals and schools. There are many options to choose from, but modern facilities are quickly switching towards the use of LEDs. LED lights have been rapidly increasing in popularity since 2010 due to their long lifespan and high efficiency. Updating the lighting in a school or hospital can bring the building years into the future while saving money and time. 

LED Lights for Schools


Keeping a school warmly and brightly lit can have a large effect on the morale of the students. Kids are less likely to stay alert and retain information if they are being taught in a dimly lit classroom. 

LED lights provide a way to have uniform lighting across an entire school building at a very reasonable cost. Traditional incandescent lights require a lot more electricity, and they do not last as long as LEDs. Making the switch can save your school so much in maintenance and electricity costs that the new bulbs will be paying for themselves in no time. 

Any educational facility can benefit from the use of LEDs. While they are most popular in large public school buildings they have proven very beneficial to smaller private schools and colleges. LEDs can project light over large areas such as cafeterias and gymnasiums without creating harsh shadows. 

According to the Department of Energy, they can go 24 hours a day for three years without being replaced, so you can put away the ladders for a while! 

LED Lights for Hospitals 

Having proper lighting in a hospital is key to preventing injuries and accidents. The injured or incapacitated people who commonly pass through hospitals are more likely to slip and fall in the absence of proper lighting. 

Additionally, LED lights provide a reliable lighting option for operating and delivery rooms. Commercial building lighting, including hospitals, should always include LED lights for the most cost effective results. With so many patient rooms the costs of lighting can add up quickly, as each room needs several of their own lights. LEDs can replace traditional lights and recessed fixtures, but they won't produce as much heat (or wasted energy). The Department of Energy says they can cut electricity costs by up to 80%. 

Many types of LED lights can even be set to a dimmer switch for patient rooms. Dim lighting can help patients feel calm throughout their stay, and it will improve the appearance of the hospital.  

By reducing costs and switching to LED lighting hospitals and schools can save money to spend on more important things. The percentage of hospitals and public schools using LED bulbs is rising daily, and it is likely to continue going up. The popularity of these bulbs demonstrates their quality, and they are well worth the price tag. Consider a lighting update as a part of your next big project, and you will be glad you did.

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