LED Lights for Manufacturers

In the past few years, the need for low-energy lighting options has increased drastically – especially when it comes to commercial building lighting and manufacturing buildings. Many companies began to search for lighting that would help increase safety, security, and savings. They needed light that would help them save money while increasing their return on investment. With that being said, they found their solution in LED lighting. 

Many commercial buildings and manufacturing companies have started to incorporate LED lights for all of their lighting needs. This has caused LED lights to become fairly standard for commercial building lighting and manufacturing, because of their many benefits – including better visibility, cost-efficiency, and security. 

Let’s take a closer look on why LED lights have become the best choice for manufacturing and commercial building lighting: 

First off, what are LED lights? 

LED lights are light-emitting diodes that can contain a semiconductor device which is able to convert electricity into light. Electrons within the semiconductor move around to create an electric charge that causes light to emit. LEDs come in many different types, including: LED high bay lights, LED low bay lights, LED linear fixtures, LED flood lights and etc. 

All of these lights have different designs and were created for different purposes.

What are the best types LED lights for commercial buildings and manufacturing?

The best types of LED lights for commercial buildings and manufacturers include high bay fixtures and industrial strip lights. 

High bay fixtures are often found in warehouses or places with ceilings that are over 25 feet high. These lights are extremely durable and have many life cycles, which can save millions of dollars every year. High bay light fixtures are also perfect for large spaces and provide some of the brightest lights that can illuminate all areas.

Industrial strip lights are another great lighting option for manufacturers. These lights can be used in large areas and provide some of the best lighting (which is perfect for ensuring safety). These lights continue to grow in popularity, as more commercial buildings find them to be the best choice for their needs.

What are the benefits of LED lights for manufacturing and commercial buildings?


When it comes to commercial building lighting and manufacturer lighting, it’s important for these lights to perform well, provide better safety, and be energy efficient. These are all examples of benefits that LED lighting can provide. 

Typically, commercial buildings require a lot of lighting – so much that energy costs are usually pretty high. That’s why LED lights are the best choice. LED lights are cost efficient and energy efficient – which can save manufacturers billions of dollars in energy costs. 

According to Energy.Gov, about 49 million LED lights were installed in 2012, which saved about $675 million in annual energy costs. That’s amazing!

Safety issues are especially important when it comes to manufacturing and warehouses. Poor lighting can be a safety hazard for workers, and can be detrimental to production and manufacturing. In order to be considered safe, manufacturing lights should have good color rendering, proper brightness levels, and should be long-lasting. LED lighting is the perfect solution. 

How can ATG Electronics help you? 

ATG Electronics offers a variety of different lights for commercial buildings and manufacturing. Various LED lights for manufacturing can be found on our site here. Our top choices for manufacturer LED lights and commercial building lighting include: Stellar Linear High Bay lights, Vapor Proof Fixtures, and more! 

To find out more about our options, contact us today! We’ll help you with your all your commercial building lighting needs.

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