LED Lighting for Parking Lots

It is important for business-owners to take into account their customers’ needs even after they exit the store. Many customers feel insecure and apprehensive when walking through an empty, dark parking lot to reach their car. Suspense movies, childhood nightmares, and common sense has taught people to always be on their guard once darkness falls and they’re alone.

Parking lot LED lights are the perfect solution for business-owners seeking to illuminate dark outdoor areas. With their bright light and long life, commercial LED parking lot lights make customers feel more secure and welcome, which serves the dual purpose of keeping them safe and making them more likely to enter your business at night. Thus, LEDs are a great way to increase property value and make it more attractive to patrons.

Below are some tips on things to keep in mind when considering which LED lights to choose for your parking lot. 

What is your venue like?

For a parking lot that requires bright, unwavering illumination for a long period of time—like a sports arena or a wedding venue—you might want to think about an LED light pole with a longer reach, possibly up to 50 feet. For settings that only need nighttime illumination during regular business hours, a standard LED pole is probably sufficient. 

What aesthetic would you like?

Not only are LED lights technologically functional, they are also nice aesthetically. It won’t be difficult to find an LED light that will either subtly blend in or highlight your venue’s outside décor. Parking lot LED lights come in round or square options that will perfectly meet your needs.

LED lights also provide a sense of uniformity, since they all have the same standard of brightness and direction. Light will be distributed more evenly, which will be more appealing to customers than varying shades of brightness from typical parking lot halide lamps.

Regardless of what your venue is, commercial LED light poles are so versatile that it will be simple to find the kind you need. From small commercial businesses to large, industrial venues, your customers will thank you for providing much-needed lighting and thinking of their safety and comfort.

LED light benefits

Compared to conventional parking lot lamps, LEDs are far more efficient and have better lighting quality. Despite their higher installation cost, LED parking lot lights last long enough to make them a practical economic choice. They are often capable of producing the same standard of robust light for 50,000 to 100,000 hours and require less maintenance than the typical halide parking lot lights.

Overall, LED lights are the perfect choice for your business’ parking lot. They are simple to install, are highly durable, and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your venue. They also increase your business’ property value, require low maintenance, and ensure that your customers have an optimal experience while feeling safe, comfortable, and welcomed.

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