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Though it may not be the first thing your employees notice, having good lighting in your office can greatly improve worker morale and efficiency. Many offices are outdated and dimly lit, which contributes to a sleepy and depressing atmosphere. If your office or commercial building lights haven't changed in the past 20 years it may be time to consider some improvements! 

LED lighting for offices is extremely effective in improving the look and feel of a workplace. They are bright enough to evenly illuminate the area without casting harsh shadows or reflections. Sharp clear lighting will make your workers feel more comfortable and energized while making your office look professional. LED lights emit warm colors that help the workplace look sunny and they can be dimmed if needed. These lights also come in many more shapes and sizes than most people imagine. LED bulbs can be placed in paneled, recessed, and track light fixtures. There are not many restrictions! 

Modern LED lighting is extremely popular with commercial building owners because of it's high efficiency. Good quality LED bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, and many only need to be changed every 3 years. LEDs produce a very minimal amount of heat, allowing all their energy to go into producing light. For this reason they result in very low energy costs and could end up paying for themselves in only a few months. Additionally these bulbs contain no mercury and are estimated to have a lower environmental impact than florescent and incandescent bulbs. In 2012 about 49 million LED lights were installed in the U.S., and that number is continuing to grow. 

Commercial building lighting should always include LED lights for the most cost effective results. Businesses, offices, and retail locations need hundreds of lights to stay properly lit. The energy and maintenance costs add up quickly. While LEDs can always be supplemented with different types of lighting there is really no need. LEDs can cover a larger area than a traditional bulb, and can be made to fit decorative fixtures or emit a variety of fun colors. They are also easy to program if you would like to be able to control the color temperature of your building, and can be used directionally to highlight important products or areas. Customers feel more comfortable shopping or doing business in a bright and inviting looking storefront. Modern lighting is important for preventing accidents and keeping your building looking professional. 

In the business world it is always important to cut costs where you can, and lighting may be that perfect next place. If you find that LED bulbs could improve the aesthetics of your workplace while saving up to 90% energy costs, you should seriously consider making the switch. We would love to help you discover your business's options and needs. Please contact us or browse our site to hear more about how LEDs can make a difference for you! 


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