Retail & Grocery Lighting

Properly lighting a retail location is very important for driving sales and customer satisfaction. Grocery & retail stores need to be brightly lit so people can avoid injury, see all the products, and feel energized. LED lights can be used for ambient overhead lighting, as well as task and accent lighting. Often in retail stores directional lights can be used to draw attention to certain items, or to get rid of unwanted shadows. LED lighting for grocery and retail stores requires a combination of many different fixtures.

Having a bright store will keep customers from bumping into one another, and will prevent your cleaning staff from missing dirty places on the floor and shelves. However, if your store is too bright it will drive customers out. Overdone lighting will make your retail location appear unwelcoming and overwhelming. Customers are more likely to spend time in a store that is thoughtfully lit, with respect to products and design. More expensive and delicate items should be lit with softer lighting, but foods or supplies can be left alone. There is no point in drawing attention to very basic items. Adjusting the color temperature of your lighting fixtures is a fantastic way to highlight the aesthetic appeal of your store. Neutral light colors are best for overhead lighting, but in certain sections of your store tinted lights go a long way. Warm colors will make a space feel more comfortable and familiar, so they are great for a produce or holiday section. Cool lighting will make an area seem more open, so it works well in crowded areas or narrow aisles. 

It is important to have extra lighting in areas where workers and shoppers need to complete more complicated tasks. Namely behind the counters, near the entrance/exit, at the cart return, and behind service desks. These are areas where people are more likely to get hurt in dimmed mood lighting, or where extra illumination can help increase productivity. Recessed lights work well when these areas happen to have lower ceilings, but hanging lights can also work wonders. Task lighting can prevent employees from becoming frustrated and thus improves customer service. Decorative lighting is important, but never remove light at the expense of safety. Also be sure to include enough exit signs and emergency lights. In the event of a power failure you have to be sure your store can still be navigated. 

LED lighting for retail stores is an art form, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated! There are many guides online about how to properly utilize energy efficient LED products to keep your store looking its best. Having a combination of general and decorative lighting can give your store the safety and atmosphere customers are searching for. Taking the time to invest in an effective lighting plan can greatly improve the competitiveness of your store. 

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