A Look Back At 2015 For ATG Electronics

A Look Back At 2015 For ATG Electronics

2015 proved to be a banner year for ATG Electronics. As an innovative and high quality manufacturer of LED lighting products, ATG Electronics continued to grow throughout the year as did the LED lighting industry.

With the advancements in the LED lighting industry, ATG Electronics chose to maintain its current business model to focus on sales and distribution with excellent customer service. Despite its competitors, ATG Electronics met its sales goals before the end of 2015, and the company even increased its sales from 2014 by nearly 60 percent. ATG also increased its customer base with a group of 50 distributors who provide a steady flow of purchase orders. Another area of growth for the company was its staff size with new employees in Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, and Warehouse Operations. Overall, ATG Electronics has reaped the benefits from the developing LED lighting industry since the company has experienced growth in all aspects.

The success of ATG Electronics during 2015 is unmatched in any other previous year of business. The company’s ability to meet and surpass its goals are major achievements as ATG looks to continue to expand its customer base, increase sales, and develop staff members. Despite the success of 2015, the company is getting ready to begin a new chapter. The increase in demand for LED lighting products and sales prompted the company to find a larger space to match the current business volume.

Starting in 2016, ATG Electronics will inhabit a new headquarters and warehouse facility. Within the new quarters, the company looks to build upon the growth and success of 2015 by continuing to deliver high quality products and excellent customer service to new and existing customers. ATG Electronics is going to continue to meet and surpass its performance measures for 2016 such as sales, units shipped, and customer base. While 2016 is the start of a new chapter for ATG Electronics, it also will be another building block for the success and growth of the company.


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