ATG Celebrates Earth Day

ATG Celebrates Earth Day

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — April 22, 2016 — ATG Electronics is committed to continue its legacy of manufacturing eco-friendly LED lights for the marketplace to reduce energy. 

LED lighting is part of a global movement to reduce energy consumption. Rapidly, families, businesses, schools and municipalities around the world are switching to LED lights from conventional lighting systems. 

“LED lights reduce a user’s carbon footprint because there is less wasted energy compared to conventional lights,” said Michelle Alipio, marketing coordinator manager at ATG. 

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates there will be a 15 percent reduction of lighting energy consumption by 2020; and that number is expected to jump to 40 percent in reduction by 2030. 

“ATG Electronics has been committed to developing LED products for 15 years, which focus on high-quality products that utilize light emitting diodes to save energy and reduce a light’s carbon footprint,” said Art Tapia, vice president of North and Latin America sales at ATG.  “ATG has become a recognized brand for retrofitting conventional lights to LED lights. This delivers great value to customers, reduces energy usage and lowers product waste.”

ATG’s LED products are easy to install, maintenance-free, and environmentally-friendly LED fixtures. All of ATG’s products utilize LED technology with the design of the fixture, number of lumens delivered, and wattage used. 

Tapia continued, “ATG is truly a company that is engineering lighting excellence. The expertise of its engineers to develop LED fixtures of the highest quality and performance rings true with every product introduced to the market. The excellence is evident this year with an improvement of a high-lumen output on the company’s indoor panels and troffers, as well as the new products that align with industry trends.”

ATG’s top selling eco-friendly products are Stellar Linear High Bay, eLucent Area Light, and iBright™ Solo Troffer. These three products are coated in an environmentally friendly polyester powder formulated for a durable and long lasting color. Additionally, no toxic heavy metals, VOC or mercury are used in any of ATG’s products. 

Alipio added, “There are multiple benefits to using LED lights. They have a longer lifespan, of up to 20 years, which reduces waste, time and energy. The improved performance of LED lights cuts a lighting utility bill by 40 to 70 percent.”

ATG was founded in 2001.

 “The development of the LED has improved the light fixture’s performance by providing a higher lumen output at a lower wattage,” Alipio stated. “Another improvement has been the development of lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, dimmers and wireless sensors. These types of lighting controls help save energy by self-managing lighting consumption.”

ATG’s product line focuses on LED light fixtures for commercial settings including warehouses, corporate offices, retail spaces, healthcare facilities and gas stations. These businesses operate almost on a daily basis where lighting consumption is a large part of energy costs. ATG helps to reduce the energy consumption of businesses and institutions across the country and around the world.


Next week, ATG will be at LIGHTFAIR® International in San Diego for the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial light trade show and conference from April 26-28 at the city convention center. ATG will display 11 indoor luminaires, five outdoor luminaires and four controls.

“LIGHTFAIR® International 2016 is a premier event in the LED lighting industry,” said Wendell Locklin, ATG’s director of sales and operations. “It is one of the few occasions we meet with our clients who are located across the United States and abroad. It is also a fresh opportunity to speak in person and discuss the newest LED fixtures from ATG.”

In January, ATG relocated its California headquarters to a new 60,000 square-foot facility in Rancho Cucamonga, increasing its office and warehouse space by 40,000 square feet. 

ATG has 35 employees working in Rancho Cucamonga. The company expects to hire up to 20 additional staff members in the next 24 months as the global LED lighting industry continues to flourish fueled by technology advancements and increasing demand.  


About ATG Electronics: 

Founded in 2001, ATG Electronics is a nationally-recognized brand in the field of retrofitting conventional lights to LED lights. Its durable, high performance LEDs demonstrate the company’s worldwide cutting-edge capabilities in an evolving industry. All of ATG’s energy-efficient products are DLC compliant. For more information, visit

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