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LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

ATG’s Outdoor Lights

At ATG Electronics, we’re known for our variety of LED lights. Indoor LED lights, outdoor LED lights, and industry LED lights – you name it. ATG Electronics is currently the most recognized brand in the world for our LED lights. As a professional LED lighting company, we have years of experience with installing and manufacturing outdoor lighting fixtures. Our outdoor LED lights are perfect for illuminating large spaces, office buildings, street lights, and etc. You’ll find that we have the best outdoor lights around, guaranteed!


Our Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures, we’re well-known in the industry for offering the greatest and best variety. The outdoor lighting fixtures we offer include: eLucent CP Canopies, CALI Ceiling Mounts, Pathfinder Wall Lights, Portal Round Bulkheads, Guardian Area Lights, and more! Our outdoor lights provide reliable, bright, and safe illumination with sturdy designs made to last for years.


Take a look at all the choices we have to offer:

eLucent Outdoor Lights

Our variety of eLucent lights include: eLucent CP Canopy lights, eLucent WPDS WallPacks, eLucent WPFC WallPacks, eLucent Mini WallPacks, eLucent 250W LED Area Lights, eLucent 300W LED Area Lights, and eLucent 100W & 150W LED Area Lights. The eLucent lights all have different features; however, they are all high-performing and provide superior lighting. Our eLucent lights also have design-conscious and attractive exteriors and can be installed in a variety of different settings.

CALI Ceiling Mount

Our CALI Ceiling Mounts are a great choice for low to medium ceiling lights. These lights have a low-profile exterior and are designed to provide safe, bright, and reliable illumination. These outdoor ceiling mounts can be used in parking structures, stairwells, building overhangs, and more!

Pathfinder Wall Light

Our Pathfinder Wall Lights are some of our best outdoor lighting fixtures. These lights have high luminous efficiency and are made with some of the best lighting materials. They are small and compact but pack a powerful punch (light, that is). These wall lights are perfect for illuminating stairwells, building pathways, alleyways, walkways, parking garages, and etc.

Portal Round Bulkhead

These Portal Round Bulkheads are perfect for design-conscious environments that require secure and bright illumination, such as: parking garages, alleyways, driveways, and more! These lights are visually appealing and high performing, which makes it a top choice for our best outdoor lighting fixtures.

Marina Vaporproof Ceiling Mount

The Marina Vaporproof Ceiling Mounts are some of our most durable lights and can handle extreme weather. These lights are the best for longtime outdoor use, since they are equipped with protective caging and weatherproofing materials.


Guardian Area Light

Guardian Area Lights are the best outdoor light fixtures for large areas. They are great for perimeter security, and for areas such as: airports, stadiums, parking lots, school campuses, and more. These guardian area lights provide the safest and most reliable lighting for protective purposes and feature a high-quality design that is guaranteed to last.


ATG Electronics prides ourselves on our wide variety of LED lights for indoor and outdoor lighting. We provide some of the best LED lighting options and we strive to set the best standards in performance, expertise, and customer service. Give us a call today!

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