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leds,led lighting, led light, led display, led sign, LEDS, LED LIGHTING,LED LIGHT ,LED DISPLAY,LED SIGN
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    iBright™ E58i T8 LED Tube

    iBright™ E58i T8 LED Tube is an economy solution for fluorescent replacement, which can directly drop into existing T8, T10, T12 fixtures, without ballast or starter.

    iBright™ E58i adopts 5050 SMD LED diodes, and clear lens to maximize lumen output.
    The lamp can produce equivalent illuminance as fluorescent tube while save more than 50% energy.

    iBright™ E58i comes with UL listed external power supply, input voltage 100-277VAC. With power supply placed outside, iBright™ E58i achieves good thermal property.

    For heat management, the lamp uses patented and proven solution, which can dissipate heat from LED chip to air quickly and efficiently. Without heat buildup, it makes reliable and optimizes performance and life span of the lamp.

    -Economy version, high cost-effective;
    -Maximum lumen output with clear lens;
    -Higher Brightness (Max. 1580lm);
    -Stable performance with external power supply;
    -50% Energy saving;
    -Good light quality and good heat dissipation;
    -Minimum maintenance costs;
    -Green and eco-friendly lighting source without mercury.

    iBright™ LED T8 Product Line
    ATG has a select of high quality LED T8s, which are already widely used across the world.

    iBright™ E68i T8 LED Tube
    iBright™ E58i T8 LED Tube
    iBright™ E48i T8 LED Tube
    iBright™ I38i T8 LED Tube (G3 IPS US)

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